Monitor: British press reaction to the impeachment of President Clinton by the US Congress

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IN THE end, the issue is about the constitutional implications of resignation, and whether it is warranted by the seriousness of [Clinton's] offence. American voters have made their views clear on this - they want neither resignation nor impeachment.

Unless and until that changes, Clinton should stay on.

The Observer

CLINTON HAS lost the credibility he might have earned for other aspects of his presidency and is no longer fit to lead the Western world. The Republican Speaker-elect, Bob Livingston, showed him the way to go when he resigned from the House of Representatives [over] his extra-marital affair. It is time to show Bill the door, and say hello to Gore.

News of the World

THE CRUDE Republican attempt to kick Mr Clinton out of office is particularly outrageous at this time of international crisis. He has faced a trial rigged on party lines by right-wingers determined to drive him out of the presidency. Most [ordinary Americans] think he is doing a good job - and that far outweighs his affair with a young woman in the White House.

Sunday Mirror

THOSE WHO still seek to defend [Clinton] on the grounds that he should not have been impeached because of hanky-panky with an employee young enough to be his daughter totally miss the point. It is about America's chief law enforcement officer solemnly swearing to protect the country's system of law - then lying before a Federal Grand Jury and obstructing justice.

The Mail on Sunday

MANY PEOPLE... forget that America's authority in the world depends on more than its physical strength. The integrity of the man in the Oval Office matters as much, and Mr Clinton has been found wanting. If he survives a Senate trial, many will believe he has been allowed to mock the constitution he is charged to uphold.

Unlikely that it is, Mr Clinton should go quietly before he inflicts further damage on his country, and allows Saddam the last, hollow laugh.

The Sunday Times