Monitor: Dr Jack Kevorkian's campaign to legalise euthanasia

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IF THERE could have been any doubt as to what Dr Jack Kevorkian is promoting as he "assists" in the deaths of his fellow human beings, it was dispelled Sunday night. Jack Kevorkian is promoting Jack Kevorkian. He has been tried and acquitted three times on charges of assisting suicides. But unless the videotape turns out to be an elaborate hoax, this time he should be charged with murder. Kevorkian claimed on 60 Minutes that if he were convicted, he would starve himself to death in prison. There would be a perverse justice in that - for surely the state would endeavor to save his life.

Chicago Tribune

THE CBS news program 60 Minutes entered broadcasting's lower world in deciding to air a video that shows the killing of a Michigan man by euthanasia zealot Dr Jack Kevorkian. This road to ratings is paved with disgrace. Lingering depiction of an individual being put to death on television is an act of barbarism. 60 Minutes disgraced news institutions in the same manner that Kevorkian disgraces medicine.

Boston Globe

DR KEVORKIAN'S descent from "assisted suicide" to active euthanasia, illustrates the wisdom of Michigan's voters in rejecting a ballot issue that would have legalized assisted suicide earlier this month. We all want some latitude in determining how we and our loved ones will die. We hope there will be adequate pain management, and many of us hope there will be a minimum of pointless treatment. But do we as a society really want to condone the killing of patients?

Detroit News

THE COST of Kevorkianism can be measured by this story: about a year ago a resident of Oakland County shot and wounded his dog. The Prosecutor was inclined not to prosecute, until a public outcry compelled him to do so. Woodworth was convicted and given a year's probation. A society that cares more about animals than people can't be surprised if it starts treating people like animals.

New York Post