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Response to Gary Glitter's four-month sentence for possessing obscene material

The National Post


AT LEAST three Canadian hockey teams have announced they will no longer play Gary Glitter Rock and Roll, Part Two at home games. Now, we oppose child porn as much as anyone. But banning Glitter's anthem from hockey games is overkill. Glitter may have some disturbing and illegal habits. But, unless we are missing something, he does not advocate them in Rock and Roll, Part Two. And where does this precedent lead? What would happen if networks made programming judgments on the basis of how child TV actors behaved in their adult lives. Viewers would be denied reruns of many shows.

Daily Mail


GARY GLITTER wept as he went to prison. He wept for himself. He wept because he'd been found out. He wept, no doubt, because he knows his career is totally over. He didn't weep out of guilt or shame or for the tragic, degraded children. He downloaded images of children being forced to indulge in oral sex, children being beaten, children being sexually molested. He created his own vile bestial pornographic library. It's the kind of perversion most of us can't comprehend.