Monitor: Italian comment on the jailing of Patrizia Gucci for killing her husband

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THE SENTENCE closes a case that was difficult to bring to court. For almost two years the investigators made little progress, following up unlikely international leads; from the construction of a casino in Switzerland, to the sale of the family firm. On the dawn of 31 January the police presented themselves at Corso di Porta Venezia at Patrizia Reggiani's house. "I understand, you are here for the murder of my husband," said the former Mrs Gucci, who was taken away as her daughters watched. There are those who said that the trial was over then with those handcuffs. Considering the sentence, they weren't far wrong.

Il Mattino

TO THE Cinderella of Via Toselli all that remains are 29 years of prison, a cell, a thousand regrets and two daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, who, after being brought up by two parents who, for their birthday, would give them a breast-lift operation or a party costing 150 million lire ("and make sure that covers it," said Daddy), explain that they want to rebuild their lives beginning with The Creole, the mega-yacht with 1,000m of sails that Daddy gave to Mummy as a present: "The sign that the Guccis are still here and haven't given up the battle." Who knows if time will be compassionate with them, too.

Corriere della Sera

THERE IS no grandeur in this story. What stands out in this squalor is the absolute lack of any moral sense. None of the defendants had any words of regret. Only yesterday in spontaneous declarations in which three out of the five asked forgiveness, was there even a hint of "pietas", and only after the prosecutor had pointed out that none of them had shown the slightest sign of distress or sorrow. They spoke only of money, of loot, and very little of blood and tears.

La Repubblica

WE WANT to find the truth. We are not going to give up without a fight. It may take time. It will take however long it takes. But as my mother said after her sentencing, "truth is time's daughter".

Allegra Gucci, La Stampa