Monitor: John Glenn

Views from the United States about the return to space, at the age of 77, of the first American astronaut
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San Francisco Examiner

JOHN GLENN is a good, brave man who has given much to his country. Whether he and Nasa have made the right decision in sending Glenn back into space at the age of 77 is an open question. His mission is part science and part publicity stunt.

San Francisco Chronicle

HIS MISSION provides one more piece of evidence that successfully growing older is not about age it's about one's physical, cognitive and emotional health. Glenn is not only a precursor of the 21st century older American; he defines dynamic aging today.

The Chicago


THE ORIGINAL astronauts faded from the news and grew older.Space-age products were thrust at the public day after day, year after year. Eventually, the very phrase "space-age" became archaic. You stopped hearing it. The qualities that made John Glenn special were inside him before he ever went into space the first time - and those qualities are eternal.

Denver Post

TODAY'S YOUNG people are likely to have read about Glenn in their history books and may see him as representing the best aspects of America's can- do attitude. It's an important lesson to convey in this cynical age. Glenn's first launch into space was thrilling not only as a national feat, but also as an accomplishment for all humankind. His return is no less dramatic."


Morning News

NOW THERE is no Evil Empire to defeat. The tragic deaths of the Challenger crew more than 10 years ago still haunt the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Shuttle launches haven't drawn intense television coverage in years. Few Americans even know the names of John Glenn's Discovery crewmates. It is the very lack of truly important strategic and scientific stakes that seems to diminish Glenn's return to space.