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PROTESTERS MARCHED across the UC Berkeley campus for the second day yesterday, in their efforts to bolster the ethnic studies program.

Clapping and chanting, "Ethnic Studies under attack. What do we do? Act up, fight back," the 200 demonstrators demanded more funding.

Protesters were informed that the dean was out to lunch and would not return and, as a result, began to chant, "We'll be back".

To ensure that the faculty members in the building knew that they would indeed be back, the protesters walked on every floor of the building up to the sixth floor, chanting phrases like, "Hey hey, ho ho, this racist bullshit's got to go".


Shetland News

THIS YEAR'S Up-Helly-Aa fire festival got under way early on Tuesday when Sigurd Hlodvisson, alias Guizer Jarl Davie Mathewson, and his 57- strong squad of fearsome vikings took to the streets of Lerwick. Jarl's squad got prepared for the climax of Britain's largest remaining fire festival: the procession and the burning of the galley. In the 19th century, Lerwick's winter festival was often riotous. Special constables were called as folk were dragging a blazing tar barrel through the streets. Today's festival is much better behaved.