Monitor: The Duchess of York

Reviews of Sarah Ferguson's debut performance as a television talk-show presenter
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The Guardian

SARAH HAS certainly moved forward, perhaps she's even forgiven herself. Let's hope so. On Monday she presented her first chat show. She spoke about faith and spirituality. But the problem with this show, which Fergie hosted unimpeachably, is that people mostly talked metaphysical nonsense without challenge.


Daily Mail

THE REAL problem was the choice of the Duchess of York as presenter. She appears to have learnt nothing from her bad experiences, and it's hard to take her seriously as someone who has the ability to help others. This feels like a PR stunt aimed at promoting a woman who has seen the error of her ways and genuinely wishes to change. But it's too little, too late. She's the wrong woman in the wrong job and she's got the wrong history to make us believe it could be otherwise. (Jaci Stephen)


The Times

AFTER GETTING over the jolt of seeing Fergie on the other side of the sofa, what struck you was just how professional a performance she delivered for someone we have grown used to seeing behave like a buffoon. Even two years ago, Fergie was the sort of woman you'd be too embarrassed to take home to meet your mother, whereas she was actually the sort of woman you'd be too embarrassed to take home to meet your cleaning lady. (Joe Joseph)


The Mirror

LEAN AND classy with perhaps a little more mascara than it's comfortable to stomach on daytime telly, this was jolly hockey sticks sixth-former coming face to face with Joe Public. But who am I to mock. I won't be able to resist yet another instalment of her. (Sue Carroll)