Monitor: The Sunday papers comment on the Eurosceptic revival in the row over harmonising EU taxes

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BRITAIN WOULD suffer badly from tax harmonisation - our business taxes are substantially lower than in the rest of the EU, as are our non- wage labour costs and top rate of income tax... It is competition, working to drive tax downwards, that is the only efficacious remedy. (Bill Jamieson) The Sunday Telegraph

THERE IS a case for Britain to become a part of the European superstate, though it is more often concealed than declared. Yet if the British people, or just the English, in their hearts want to remain independent of Europe, we will not make a success of the European venture, and had better stay with our national independence, rather than fighting to get it back in 100 years' time. (William Rees-Mogg) The Sunday Times

THE ALTERNATIVES to throwing in our lot with the Europeans are to become the de facto fifty-first state of the US or to operate as an allegedly independent state in a world of volatile capital movements and capricious inward investment... We may wish the options were different, but they're not. If we are to stop being Europe's reluctant Europeans, a damaging and self-defeating position, we need to engage with why and what the EU is. Until then, we will face marginalisation abroad and embarrassment at home.

The Observer

LOOK AT the list of more than 100 leading businessmen who signed an advertisement in the Financial Times. Nine of them are foreigners or working for foreign-owned companies. Fifteen are officials of local chambers of commerce or trade associations. I had never heard of 40 of the others. Only 30 would I call leading British businessmen. Was that the best the Euro-extremists could do? (Norman Tebbit)

The Mail on Sunday

WHY SHOULD we import the bad habits of other European countries, all of which are suffering? Surely they should change their lunatic laws to match our excellent ones! These are serious problems for Tony Blair. (Michael Winner) News of the World