Monitor: The world press reviews the legacy of the British and US air strikes against Iraq

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THE WHOLE world condemned this aggression on Iraq which was carried out to fulfil political objectives and personal ends. Hundreds of Iraqi victims fell to satisfy Clinton's needs. He killed many civilians and destroyed many educational, economic and medical facilities. It is only part of the evidence of the criminal policy pursued by the only superpower in the world, run under the so-called "new order"!

Syria Times

BOMBING IRAQ was a mistake. To do so with so little consultation with other countries was a disaster; to do so without fresh authorisation from UNSCOM was even worse. Britain must recover its balance, and start to question what is being done. If Blair's government is so entranced by Clinton that it cannot ask the US Administration directly, then the British opposition should start to ask questions of Blair.

Gulf Times, UAE

THE ARAB world needs to get its act together by adopting a clear and coherent stance on the Iraqi situation and on how to deal with it in the aftermath of last week's bombardments of the country. The Lower House of Parliament in Jordan has taken due notice of the bold declarations of Moscow, Beijing and the Vatican on Iraq, and lamented, rightly so, Arab inaction. This is as good an occasion as any for the major Arab capitals to coordinate their efforts with Paris, Moscow and Beijing in order to bring back sanity and compassion to the conflict.

Jordan Times

THE STRIKES have done irreversible damage to the United Nation security council's effective mechanism to check Saddam Hussein's evil designs. By far the greatest loss is that the air-strikes may have prompted a vast number of people in the Arab world to sympathise with the Saddam Hussein regime. Surely, a long-term psychological warfare campaign aimed at turning Iraqis against their ruthless dictator may be the most far-sighted option in terms of strategies to replace the present military action Washington so foolishly embarked upon last week.

The Korea Times