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The first and last records bought by kwame kwaten, mixer of british soul band d-influence
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First record: Boomtown Rats' "Rat Trap"

FUNNILY ENOUGH, I don't listen to it now, but I would say I still like it. The original thing that attracted me to it was the energy of the track, the way it had so many different sections and its length. I remember being frightened about buying it because they were part of the punk Post-Modern scene, so it was a bit of an odd thing for a young black guy to buy. I listened to it round the house, but it was very secret listening. When everyone was out, I would turn it up really loud and po-go around. I think it shows the fundamental difference between American soul and UK soul; we all listen to the same reference points - Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin but The Boomtown Rats were daytime radio listening, whereas in America they might have been listening to to Debbie Gibson.

The imagery was just imagery and it was the most left of centre thing that we could be into at that time that our parents wouldn't be down with. There was a real punk and reggae and dub thing going on then which is now embraced by the crusties. There wasn't really black pop music per se. So you really were going for the most cutting edge thing.

Last record: Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You"

I think there are rare moments of brilliance every couple of years and this song is one of them. It's great to dance to and really lose yourself in. It kind of reminds me of the hypnotic effect of Crystal Walters' "Gipsy Women" when it first came out. It was bang on the nose until it was played out on every radio station. It's the same with this track. It has all the best elements of dance; hypnotic, simple and there is a degree of emotion that you can lose yourself in. The hooks of it, the things that draw you in, are really easy to remember. It's really uplifting, whether you are going out in the day or in the morning you put it on. I have it on 12". In fact, I bought two copies, because you can mix them together and have great fun.

D-Influence release "Rock With You" August 17 (Echo Records)

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