Beastie Boys won't tour till MCA gets clean bill of health

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In a new interview with the Guardian in the UK, hip hop legends Beastie Boys revealed that despite misleading reports on Adam (MCA) Yauch's health, he hasn’t fully recovered from cancer and the band won’t tour their new album until he is back in good form. 

"He's doing OK," stated fellow Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz (aka Ad-Rock) on Yauch's condition, in an interview with the Guardian last week. In 2009, Yauch was diagnosed with throat cancer, which Horowitz described as a "game-changer." "He's still in treatment so it's not 100 percent...We're not touring, we're just getting the record out - and we're not making any plans until he is better."

On May 2, the Beastie Boys released the long-awaited Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, their first non-instrumental full-length in seven years. The new album includes a collaboration with rapper Nas titled "Too Many Rappers," which released in July 2009 and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

The band has won three Grammy Awards and received critical acclaim for its albums such as Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty, the latter of which hit number one on charts in the US, the UK, and Australia.

For some vintage Beastie Boys, check out their video for "No Sleep Till Brooklyn":