Andrew W.K. gets the party started in the UK


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A couple of years ago, on an evening from which I was regrettably absent, a few friends of mine ended up partying with Andrew W.K.. If you're familiar with the 32-year-old American rock star/celebrated hedonist/motivational speaker, you'll know that this is a big deal. The man has made it his mission to party; it's his religion.

Ever since the release of his debut album, I Get Wet, in 2001, songs such as "Party Hard", "It's Time to Party", "Fun Night" and "Party Til You Puke", have earned him a reputation.

But he has also emerged as an unlikely cult favourite, attracting fans with his positive mental attitude (he has given motivational lectures to Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale) and legendary rowdy live shows.

Now, the New Yorker has brought his raucous circus to the UK, and although he has gone on to release five further albums, he will be playing "I Get Wet" in its entirety to celebrate its 10th anniversary. And if there was any doubt as to his popularity, his first headline tour in seven years sold out so quickly that they had to upgrade to bigger venues to meet demand.

Unfortunately, I can only meet Andrew W.K. on a Monday morning (officially the least party time of the week). He's sitting in the lobby of a hotel, with sunglasses on. One thing's for sure: he is overwhelmed by the response to his tour. "This is the biggest reaction, especially in the UK, that we've ever had to any shows we've announced," he smiles. "In that way, I just feel extraordinarily grateful and really, really humbled by the growing support."

Andrew W.K.'s tour of the UK ends tomorrow (