Cultural Life: Alan McGee, Creation Records founder

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Music: I don't really like music any more. I bought The Coral; the single's brilliant but the album's OK. I bought David Rawlings because he's Gillian Welch's guitarist – I heard one of the songs called "Method Acting" and it's a cover of a Conor Oberst song. But the album's not very good. The one record I liked this year – and I'm shocked to say it as I managed them for years – is Carl Barat's album – it's a complete departure. It's like Scott Walker and Kevin Rowland –it's the best record Carl's ever made.

Film: I love 'Nil by Mouth', because of the realism, and Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke. I recognise a lot of its scenarios in all of us – me, my friends, people I knew. 'Nil by Mouth' was London in the 1990s. It's probably one of my favourite ever films. I watch it once a year because it's such a brilliant depiction of London, or even England in general. I first saw it in New York and these old women who had come in behind me walked out in disgust after about five minutes!

Books: The Book of the Law' by Aleister Crowley is my bible. He's a completely misrepresented individual. He was a libertarian, he was ahead of his time; in 1904 he was talking about totalitarian states coming. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will." I'm also obsessed with Peter J Carroll; he's like the remix of Crowley. Reading 'The Book of the Law' is a bit like listening to hip-hop; it takes about a week to get into the language of it.

Television: I don't watch TV simply because I believe that it sedates all of us on a certain frequency. It's called Pentagon psychotronics technology – it happens with all LCD, high-def TVs.

'Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records' premieres at the BFI London Film Festival tomorrow