Cultural Life: Dappy, musician

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Music: I'm listening to lots of Freddie Mercury at the moment. My dad always played Queen when we were growing up, so he is a huge inspiration to me. His voice is killer. I'm also listening to Michael Bublé. I love his voice, the melodies, the way he writes music; he is a true talent. People will be surprised by what influences N-Dubz! Whilst we were in the studio we were listening to a lot of Phil Collins. Every song on his 'Hits' album is a classic, the man is a genius. We're not bothered about what people may think is cool – I just love good songs.

Television: I'm watching 'The Only Way is Essex', as a guilty pleasure! My friend Kirk Norcross is in it. It's good to see him doing so well. I also like 'Daybreak' on ITV in the mornings. It's a good show to catch up with everything that is currently going on as there's a real mix of content. We always love performing on that show, even though it means getting up at 5am! At the moment the biggest show for me is 'The X Factor'. I love Cher and I hear she's a big N-Dubz fan too. Maybe we can collaborate when she leaves the show? We could do something major.

Film: I don't get the chance to go to the cinema much so I tend to watch DVDs at home. I like comedies: 'The Hangover' was one funny film. I watched 'Blood Diamond' again last week – the acting is superb and it's an amazing story. I also love 'Man On Fire'. Denzel Washington is a top actor and it's a great story.

Books: I'm not a massive reader, but both Tulisa and I really like Martina Cole's books. We read them on tour sometimes. I like a good thriller – something that keeps my mind ticking over with twists and turns – and Martina delivers that.

N-Dubz's new album 'Love Live Life' is out on 29 November