Cultural life: Lucy Rose, singer


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I listen to the Maccabees’ new album Given to the Wild all the time, especially if I’m travelling anywhere. The guitar work is incredible, such as the double guitar harmonies.

In Feist’s album Metals the lyrics struck me as being inventive but simple at the same time, so that I can understand them. It’s lovely. I’m at festivals every weekend so I’m seeing different bands constantly. Sometimes the most exciting thing is seeing someone you’ve never heard of and being amazed.


I’m always being given DVDs to watch on tour. I saw Harold and Maude – it follows a young boy who keeps telling his mum he’s going to kill himself, but then meets an old lady and they form an amazing friendship. Charlie Fink from Noah & the Whale gave that to me; I absolutely loved it.


I recently read The Siege by Helen Dunmore. It is a beautiful story but such a tragedy at the same time. It fascinated me because it was about something I had no idea ever happened – the siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. I also loved To Kill a Mockingbird. My Dad read it on holiday and insisted I read it too.


I’m such a tourist. I aways end up going to really cheesy musicals. I went to see Matilda recently.

Lucy Rose performs at Bestival, Isle of Wight ( on 9 September