Cultural Life: VV Brown, singer

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I'm listening to a Swedish band called Little Dragon. Their album 'Machine Dreams' has quite an eclectic sound. It's one of the best records of the year. I'm also listening to a composer called Ryuichi Sakamoto, who worked on the soundtracks for 'Babel' and 'Endless Flight'. He's a genius.


I read 'The Poverty of Philosophy' by Karl Marx, 'Franchise' by Isaac Asimov and 'Bell's Theorem' by Matthias Schultheiss as research for my latest project: a comic book series called 'City of Abacus'. The book revolves around Marxism, suppression and revolution and is symbolic of events in my life. The first comic is called 'Travelling Like The Light', like the album. We were selling copies of the pencil version of the comic at Glastonbury. I'm really excited about it!


'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot' at The Almeida Theatre absolutely blew me away. It left me crying my eyes out. Everything was told from the perspective of Judas.


'Let The Right One In' is brilliant. It's about the relationship between a vampire child and a human child. The qualities that defined the vampire became almost like an illness.

VV Brown's album 'Travelling Like The Light' is out on 13 July