Fantasy band: Josh Ritter

'I think Richard III would make an amazing drummer'

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Keys: Benjamin Franklin

He's totally the gearhead of this band and he basically invented the glass harmonica so I think he could handle this. Also, he discovered electricity so he's a badass. He was a crazy man – the sort of guy you want in a band.

Guitar: Thomas Jefferson

I'd like Thomas Jefferson on lead guitar. He was a tall, elegant, good-looking guy which many lead guitarists tend to be. He'd provide the eye candy. Plus the Declaration of Independence was quite a document; I always think of it as a guitar solo. I reckon he'd be great.

Drums: Richard III

I've been reading a lot about him recently after they found his remains in that car park. I think it's very probable that he was an amazing drummer.

Second guitar: Emily Dickinson

I'd have her on guitar but I'd hope that she would write most of the lyrics as well. I like her poetry very much.

Vocals: Edgar Allan Poe

I think he probably had a hell of a voice and he's got that emo thing going on which a lot of people love. He can be all brooding on stage. I reckon he'd get along with Richard III but they'd probably have a tense relationship like vocalists and drummers so often do.

Josh Ritter's new album, 'The Beast in Its Tracks', is out now. He plays London's Village Underground on 23-24 July (