My Fantasy Band: Ali Love

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Vocals - Marvin Gaye

It's going to have to be Marvin Gaye. One of my all-time favourite records is one of the last ones he recorded, 'Midnight Love', from 1983. I think I need a hype man as well, so I'd like to employ the services of Chuck D from Public Enemy.

Drums - Questlove

I saw The Roots live at Glastonbury a few years back and Questlove blew my head off.

Bass - Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson from Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters. When I first learned to play guitar I learned every single one of his bass lines. So he's definitely in.

Keys - Joe Zawinul

He was in Weather Report, who were a psychedelic mid-Seventies power band that had people like Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine and Wayne Shorter as members. Basically. Zawinul was a very acidified psychedelic jazz player.

Guitar - Nile Rodgers

I had the pleasure of meeting the Chic guitarist a while back and he showed me how to play "Work Me" on the guitar.

Cello - Arthur Russell

The way he played was like no one else. He used to hit the strings with a stick and use a digital delay pedal to make a totally alien sound.

Manager - Rock Scully

I'd want the band to be managed by Rock Scully, the manager of The Grateful Dead, and one of the most hilariously insane characters from that San Francisco period. He had a classic rock'n'roll way about him.

Ali Love's new single 'Moscow Girl' and his album, 'Love Harder', are both out now.