My Fantasy Band: Coco Sumner, I Blame Coco

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Vocals - David Bowie

I would have to have Bowie doing something, so he can be the lead singer. I suppose I got into him when I was about 14 years old. He is just an amazing, amazing songwriter. I think he's one of the most unique and important songwriters of the last century.

Backing vocals - Abba

Abba are one of my favourite bands, so I'd have all of them up there doing backing vocals. They are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

Guitar - Neil Young

I would like to see Jimi Hendrix play, but I'm going to go for Neil Young on guitar. He's just so good and he's very cool. I think he'd probably keep everyone very calm. I watched him at Glastonbury when he headlined last year; it was quite magical.

Piano - Kate Bush

I'm a massive Kate Bush fan, so I'd have her on piano and probably singing as well. "Running up That Hill" is one of my favourite songs; I think I would probably have that song played at my funeral. It's just brilliant.

Drums - Brian Blade

I'd have Brian Blade on drums. He is a jazz drummer from Louisiana and he's my favourite drummer. He's just incredible. He plays with his entire body; he uses everything.

I Blame Coco will be playing at the Relentless Freeze Festival, which takes place in London from 29 to 31 October ( I Blame Coco's debut album, 'The Constant', is released on 8 November