My Fantasy Band: Cyndi Lauper

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Piano - Prince

Amazing. Can you imagine having Prince in your band? The guy can play everything and play it great. I went to his show at Madison Square Garden a few months ago and he is just remarkable. I always knew he was an amazing guitar player, but I didn't know he could also play piano as well as he does. Just fantastic. He's probably one of the greatest showmen ever.

Guitar - Jeff Beck

I recorded with him for a Les Paul tribute record and it was one of my favourite recording sessions ever. He is one of the best guitar players that has ever played the instrument.

Bass - Flea

He introduced funk bass to a whole new generation and audience. I wonder how many people under 40 today would even be aware of Larry Graham or Bootsy Collins without having heard of Flea. He is so amazing live and gives 100 per cent every night he plays.

Vocals - Amy Winehouse

Great voice, great talent. I hope to hear some new music from her soon.

Drums - Steve Potts

He is touring with me right now. I know this is supposed to be about my "fantasy band", but he would still be the one I choose. He's one of the greatest drummers I have ever heard. He can play everything, although his roots are in the Memphis R&B and blues scene. He was part of the Hi Records rhythm section and has toured with everyone from Booker T. and the M.G.'s to Gregg Allman. Just an awesome, awesome drummer.

Cyndi Lauper will perform at the Cornbury Festival on 1 July as part of her tour to promote her new album, 'Memphis Blues'.