My Fantasy Band: Foe


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Guitar - Stef Ketteringham
On guitar I've got a guy named Stef Ketteringham, from a band called Shield Your Eyes.

 They're an underground band. He is someone I grew up watching; I saw him quite a lot in my local area, Fleet, where he was in a few bands. Nothing is going on there apart from a little music scene. He's one of the most unique and compelling guitarists that I have ever seen. He's just amazing, it's not just because I vaguely know him. He normally plays with just two or three strings, never uses pedals, his sound is so original. It's like a twisted blues, a bit like Beefheart but a bit more thrashy.

Drums - Greg Saunier
On drums I've got Greg Saunier from Deerhoof. I just love Deerhoof and his drumming is technically amazing. He has a really minimal set-up which is cool, and he's insane to watch as well. I read somewhere that he feels like he's speaking when he plays, which is quite nice.

Vocals - Beth Gibbons
Naturally I'd like it to be female-fronted so I've got Beth Gibbons from Portishead just because her voice melts me. It's like its own special instrument. I thought her performance style would be quite a weird juxtaposition with the band, which is pretty noisy.

Organ - Ray Manzarek
The Doors are responsible for me buying and playing an organ; he's awesome. I want to get some good organ solos in there.

Bass - Kim Deal
She plays bass for Pixies and is also a member of The Breeders. I want her mainly because she is insanely cool, and I want to include some girl power. With that in mind, I thought Beyoncé could be a stage dancer too. I would love to see her live, it would be amazing.

FOE's debut album, 'Bad Dream Hotline', is out on 16 January