My Fantasy Band: Jarvis Cocker

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Vocals - Mika
I had this dream and there was this band in it called Dragonlight, protecting the Earth from alien invaders. On vocals was Mika, who could unleash a piercing falsetto note that burst the aliens' eardrums.

Bass - Phil Lynott
On bass was Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Not only was he loud, he kept blinding the invaders with the reflections of light from the scratch plate on his bass.

Guitar - Nick Heyward
The Haircut 100 frontman had his instrument hanging just below his chin. When he played a special chord he morphed into Justin Hayward (of The Moody Blues) and slew the aliens with a stunning version of the haunting "Forever Autumn" from Jeff Wayne's masterful 'War of the Worlds' album.

Keyboards - Gary Numan
The glacial chords he was playing came out as clouds of dry ice! It was a perfect smokescreen to allow our heroes to make a quick getaway if needed.

Drums - Karen Carpenter

Holding the whole thing together with a steady back-beat and ready at any point to weigh in with a rendition of "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft". If I could remember the songs they were playing in my dream, I would stand to make a pretty penny.

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