My Fantasy Band: Jill Scott

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Guitar - Prince

I've opened for him before for a show in Philadelphia and he was a genius with that guitar. He tells so many stories; so many intimacies with his playing.

Keys - Stevie Wonder

I actually had a jamming session with Prince and Stevie at Prince's house; it was fantastic. Stevie played whatever he felt like and it was awesome. A great memory.

Drums - Spanky McCurdy

He has been my drummer off and on for many years. I've so enjoyed watching him grow. We have had long conversations about listening to what's being said, to the lyrics, and in drumming becoming the heartbeat of those words. It's about so much more than just keeping time. He's a communicator and all drummers need to be.

Bass - Meshell Ndegeocello

She's fantastic; she's a poet, singer and musician. She's so passionate on the bass so I'd love to see her play. She is such a genuine inspiration to me. She was one of the first people to get serious recognition for doing spoken-word poetry on record.

Horns - Earth, Wind & Fire

Their horn section is the biggest, the baddest and the best. Whatever they have, they've got it on lockdown. It's spirit soaring when they play, it resonates right in the gut.

Backing vocals - Bette Midler, Sarah Vaughn and Donny Hathaway

Bette can bring all of that personality, energy and pizzazz. I adore her. Sarah for her beautiful fluidity of her voice. Donny's voice was so pure and so soulful.

Vocals - Ella Fitzgerald

Her vocabulary is just as wide as the rest of those musicians. She can do anything with her voice. It can sound like a bassoon, a bird or a butterfly. My, my, I would pass out.

Jill Scott's new album, 'The Light of the Sun', is out on Monday.