My Reading & Leeds: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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It’s reading Festival’s 50th anniversary this year – will you be doing anything to celebrate?

I guess i don't have anything particular planned but i'm sure ill get involved with the party...… it's the first time i am going as a performer so i am really looking forward to it.

Have you played Reading and Leeds before?

Never! I used to go to Leeds festival all the time when i was younger with my friends it will be great to go back as an artist.

What are you most looking forward to about the weekend?

I'm really looking forward to playing Leeds because it was a festival me and lots of friends used to go to all the time a few years back.... it's going to be fun to go back......

Were you a festival-goer before you started playing them? Do you have any best/worst experiences?

Yeah! I've always loved festivals. Best experience was probably waking up on the GLASTONBURY site on the sunday morning and it being really sunny and warm..... worst is probably a girl being sick on herself while i was on stage at TRUCK festival..... not good.

Who would be your ideal headliners?

Jay-Z, Sigur Ros, Bruce Springsteen, The Streets.

What are your festival survival tips?

Wellys! Plastic Bin Bags! Sun Cream! Tooth Brush! King Skins! Lots of water!

If we don’t catch you at Reading and Leeds, where can we see you next?

I'm playing Bestival in September and a few more festivals. Then i have a full UK tour in October and then hopefully will be touring in the US.