One Click Wonder: Rock'n'advertising

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John Lennon has been brought back from the grave to appear in a commercial for the One Laptop Per Child charity initiative – a worthy cause, indeed, though not all unions between the worlds of rock’n’roll and advertising have been so holy...

The Rolling Stones

Just as they sat on the cusp of stardom, the Stones enjoyed some mass audience exposure with their jingle for this 1963 Rice Krispies commercial – surely the greatest paean to breakfast cereal ever produced?

Ringo Starr

Lennon’s ex-bandmate teamed up with old rivals the Monkees for this cringeworthy 1995 Pizza Hut ad in which he limply pokes fun at Beatles reunion rumours while introducing the world to the joys of stuffed crust.


The art-rockers’ appearance in this 1984 Honda scooter commercial left fans wondering: was this another of the band’s subversive critiques on consumer culture, or merely an easy way to a fat paycheque?

Bob Dylan

The legendary troubadour sparked bemusement in 2004 when his brooding presence graced a campaign for lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret alongside cavorting, scantily clad supermodel Adriana Lima.

John Lydon

Following his I’m A Celebrity appearance, the Sex Pistol shed any last vestiges of punk credibility this year by donning tweeds to rub shoulders with cows and Morris dancers in aid of Country Life butter.