Saluting The Big Reunion's big refuseniks


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Fleetwood Mac have had a number over the years; Take That's was a masterclass in money making; East 17’s went south fast. Reunions can be soaraway successes or damp squibs, but that doesn’t stop bands  reheating their acts for  another taste of fame.

Not least the “stars” on ITV’s The Big Reunion, a show that has been following Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, 5ive, B*witched, 911 and Honeyz as they prepare for a gig at Hammersmith Apollo.

But not all the Nineties’ top bands have been up for reforming. 5ive is lacking Jason “J” Brown, and Eternal are another no show (the one with Louise Redknapp, née Nurding). One viewer tweeted that Eternal should have been included, but band member Kelle Bryan-Gudgeon coolly replied: “This is not something I would like to do. I must catch up online. I loved the Honeyz.”

No tantrums or torture-grade corsetry for Kelle – just a spot on the sofa and a back-handed compliment for her  old rivals.