The Word On... Tomboy, Panda Bear

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"Doesn't have the thrill of discovery its predecessor had; instead, Noah Lennox is out to show he can still make this kind of album better than anyone... Broken down into bite-sized, relatively straightforward morsels of melody buttressed by percolating polyrhythms, twinkling guitar, piano-based hooks and Lennox's choirboy emoting."

"A mixed, hodge-podge pot of textures and harmonies, quite simply impersonal, that makes no definite statement of its own." sput

"He's condensed the sprawl and stylistic shifts of 'Person Pitch' into seemingly tidy songs. The fact that he's able to make music that's both otherworldly and familiar-on-first-listen is something that all of his followers would like to achieve, and very few have the chops or inventiveness to pull off."