The Word On...The Kinks, the new album

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"While 'Picture Book' addresses all the highs and lows, it's perplexing to work out who this six-CD set is aimed at. For Kinks kompletists, the smattering of demos, BBC sessions, early rarities (by their Bo Weevils incarnation) or live versions seems thin, and for the novice surely a greatest hits and maybe a copy of 'Village Green' would suffice, avoiding the dodgy arena rock of their post-Pye/RCA years and the fascinating, if rudimentary, early Sixties rhythm and blues." - Chris Jones,

"Finally, a box set that covers The Kinks' entire career. That is the good news, but also the bad. This set suffers the same fate as their album catalogue: after 'Muswell Hillbillies', it quickly begins to fade. Quirkiness turns to apathy turns to contempt in short order with the albums that follow." - Mark Richards,

"The ubiquitous Sixties feel of the band does wander at times, but the most memorable moments on these discs remain those that are glued in the decade when the group crafted their youthful tales of twisted love. "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" still hops along daintily, while "Days" manages to provoke memories of an old Tetley advert yet still sounds fresh." - Greg Rose, http://