Glastonbury 2014: Lily Allen blasts Fifa's Sepp Blatter in controversial performance

Allen lashed out at Fifa's president, flashed her underwear and twerked on stage in Glastonbury performance

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Not one to shy away from controversy, singer Lily Allen dropped the c-word on football supremo Sepp Blatter during her Glastonbury performance.

Describing him as "annoyingly corrupt", the singer dedicated her 'F**k You' song from her album 'It's Not Me, it's You' to the Fifa boss, prompting huge cheers from the crowd at the Pyramid stage.

"The next song is dedicated to possibly one of, actually not, the most corrupt, annoyingly corrupt, person there is in the world, Sepp f***ng Blatter, you c***," she added.

The "It's Not Fair" singer also flashed her underwear and twerked on stage, asking festival-goers: "Is my camel toe like really prevalent?" and later apologised for having "a massive wedgie", pint in hand.

Her controversial performance came after a storm unleashed hailstones led to s safety shutdown on the Pyramid stage, delaying her set by 45 minutes.


"Thank f**k for that, the rain stopped! Just in time. I've got to be quick cos our set time has been cut short," she told the crowd, which led to some loud boos. But the singer continued: "Come on, you've got Elbow and Arcade Fire".

Earlier she had tweeted a photograph of her daughters with the caption: "Strong Glastonbury Crew this year. Mum's on the Pyramid at 6.30 but we'll be in the dance tent , obvs."