International top tracks on 'The Suburbs' continues winning streak

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Tracks from Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs hold nine out of ten spots on the singles chart at, the internet radio station that lets users in more than 200 countries listen to music in the site's library. The band has dominated the chart for three straight weeks and places in nine of the ten top spots for the second week running.

Topping the chart for the week of August 8 through 15 is the band's title track from The Suburbs, the band's third full-length album, which was released internationally on August 2. "Ready to Start" and "Modern Man" follow in second and third.

Lady Gaga's latest single "Alejandro," the only non-Arcade Fire track on the list, has moved up two spots to fifth place. That single spent five weeks at number one before it was replaced by "The Suburbs."'s top tracks for August 8 through 15:

1. Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs" (39,412 listeners) (no change)
2. Arcade Fire - "Ready to Start" (37,792 listeners) (no change)
3. Arcade Fire - "Modern Man" (35,249 listeners) (no change)
4. Arcade Fire - "Rococo" (34,823 listeners) (no change)
5. Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" (34,617 listeners) (+2)
6. Arcade Fire - "Empty Room" (33,114 listeners) (-1)
7. Arcade Fire - "City With No Children" (32,221 listeners) (-1)
8. Arcade Fire - "Half Light I" (30,395 listeners) (no change)
9. Arcade Fire - "Suburban War" (30,168 listeners) (+1)
10. Arcade Fire - "Half Light II (No Celebration)" (29,389 listeners) (-1) claims more than 40 million active users based in more than 200 countries. Available in 12 languages, the site's radio service is free for users in the UK, the US, and Germany; elsewhere, a subscription costs €3.00 per month. Using a system called "scrobbling,"'s charts measure everything its users listen to through the website as well as hundreds of other music sites and services, including iTunes, Spotify, and The Hype Machine.