Kanye West talks new LP in impromptu online chat session

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Kanye West's album, previously titled Good Ass Job, has been postponed from a September release to a projected due date "sometime in November." The rapper revealed that and more during an impromptu online chat session on August 6 that can now be watched on UStream.

West gathered fans via his Twitter account, inviting them to ask him questions that he then spent 25 minutes answering via UStream. West held the chat from his hotel room in Korea, where he was "killing time" before a flight.

The new album remains untitled, West told fans, although he is "bouncing a couple of titles around," including Dark Twisted Fantasy. West said he was hoping the album would be a "masterwork," comparing it to a collection by late fashion designer Alexander McQueen or the " Avatar-level" work of James Cameron.

"I try to compete against the past," West said. "I think Michelangelo, Picasso, the pyramids. That's the reason I put like 5,000 hours into a song like 'Power.' What we're doing in this era is light work compared to ... past monuments."

A second track from the album, following first single "Power," will be released in "about 20 days," and will likely be called either "Lost in the World" or "All of the Lights."

As West prepares the release of his fifth studio album, his fans have had several opportunities to learn details about the LP. In late July the rapper launched a Twitter account where he has since shared various tidbits related to the album. Also in July, West made unannounced appearances at the headquarters of Facebook, Twitter, and Rolling Stone, leading several amateur videos of the gigs to make their way to YouTube (including a performance of "Lost in the World," one of the album's potential second singles.)

Other artists who have recently made use of UStream to chat with fans - with varying levels of advance notice - have included Taylor Swift, Nicky Minaj, and Steven Tyler.

Watch Kanye West's UStream chat: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8757510