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Mick Jagger turns 70: The Rolling Stones frontman's career in pictures

Take a trip to Memory Motel and remember the band through the decades. Happy Birthday Mick!
  • @FelicityMorse

Mick Jagger turns 70 today and although the Rolling Stones frontman was mocked along with his bandmates for looking like ‘animated pensioners from a Wonga advert’  at Glastonbury, these pictures prove Jagger has always had the moves.

It might be difficult to imagine a youthful Jagger with the distinctive deep wrinkles U2’s Bono recently described as ‘beautiful’, but it’s easy to see where the rocker’s reputation as a ‘ladies’ man’ comes from, looking through these  early shots.

In fact, a younger Jagger has been compared to One Direction’s Harry Styles, in looks and popularity, an association that will leave fans of the rolling Stones’ music cold. Take a trip to Memory Motel and flick through these pictures of Jagger over the decades. Happy Birthday Mick!

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