Abum: Various Artists, Late Night Tales: Groove Armada (Late Night Tales)

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The art of the mixtape lies not just in the selection of tracks, but also in how they’re segued.

As past mix masters, Groove Armada might be expected to bring a certain slickness to this, the second of their Late Night Tales sets, but they also show a refined ear beyond their comfort zone, with such gems as Ace’s “How Long” and Stevie Wonder’s “Tuesday Heartbreak” stirred in, along with a few left-field surprises by Chris Rea and Will Young.

But it’s the pairings that make the album work, like how The Human League’s Precinct 13-style “Things That Dreams Are Made Of” segues via a departing car into Roxy’s “Love Is The Drug”, and the way the Balearic sheen of African Dreams’ “Make A Living” slides into a remix of Midlake’s sublime “Roscoe”.

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