Album: Clinic, Do It! (Domino)

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Few bands are either as prolific or as eclectic as Liverpool’s masked marauders Clinic, whose fifth album DoIt! features much the same uncategorisable mix of influences as their first.

Pop, psychedelia, soul, jazz, krautrock, folk and dub all feature here, though usually in some mutant, metamorphosed form, and mashed up with some other, seemingly incongruent style that they somehow manage to make work together.

The galumphing fuzz-guitar riff of “Memories” opens proceedings with Ade Blackburn reflecting upon “memories of the pieces of a puzzle you once had” – a perfect description of their musical methods – before turning his attention to “Tomorrow”, whose acoustic blues guitar motif is partnered with an astringent electric guitar counterpoint and typically enigmatic harmonies.

Weird and wonderful as ever.

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