Album Preview: Various Artists, Import Export A La Turka

Label: Trikont
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The Independent Culture

This companion piece to the 2006 collection Beyond Istanbul: Underground Grooves From Turkey illustrates everything that makes Trikont the world’s best archive compilation label.

From the initial idea – anthologising the music made by Germany’s Turkish immigrant community – to the exhaustive bilingual annotations of the accompanying CD booklet.

It comprises not so much Turkish ethnic music with aWestern gloss, as rock, rap and pop with a Turkish twist, ranging from Fresh Familee’s “Ahmet Gündüz” – the first ever German rap record – to Muhabbet’s “I Liebes Liedchen”, a crossover between modern R&B and the traditional Turkish “arabesque” style.

In between are heavy rock from Grup Ünlü, dancehall reggae from VolkanikMan and the hypnotic trance groove of Beser Sahin’s “Mamanî”.

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