Album: The Move, Looking On (Salvo)

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Looking On was a transitional album in The Move’s career, with Jeff Lynne drafted in to replace the cabaret-bound Carl Wayne and share some of Roy Wood’s songwriting burden, en route to ELO.

The drift from psychedelic pop to more eclectic priorities is signalled in Wood’s instrumental credit: “Oboe, sitar, slide guitar, cello, guitar, bass and all saxes” – which makes the predominance of heavy rock riffing all the more puzzling.

Proto-metal rocker “Brontosaurus” is the standout, but elsewhere prog-rock stodge like “What?” dominates. Lynne’s “Open Up Said The World At The Door” is the most preposterous, the baroque excesses of its kitchen-sink production accommodating foreground stints by the aforementioned sitar and oboe, and just about everything else in their instrument cupboard.

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