Music & Me: Bibio

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Bibio aka producer Stephen Wilkinson creates the kind of lush, heart-tugging melodies you’re sure you’ve heard somewhere before. Indeed, the gorgeous “Lovers’ Carvings” from his last album is that catchy hum-along summer -drenched song that lights up the Kindle TV advert.

The first record I bought was?

I think it was a Queen cassette, from John Menzies in Walsall. But the one I usually tell people about is Iron Maiden's debut, also on cassette, from Asda. The latter being the first album I independently chose, as oppose to buying a Queen tape that my dad didn't already have in the car.

The first gig I went to was?

Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark tour '92, Birmingham NEC

My favourite album is?

Music Has The Right To Children by Boards of Canada

But my parents always liked?

My mum and dad didn't really like many of the same records I don't think. My mom liked The Beatles and my dad liked The Stones.

I couldn’t marry someone who liked?

Breeding tarantulas.

On stage I like to wear?

Usually the same clothes I travelled in to the gig.

I’d love to perform with?

A female choir in a dense deciduous forest.

One thing that must change in the music industry is?

That musicians are expected to look good or be good looking.

A great album cover is?

Free by Free. It's of a silhouette of a nude woman who is a window to the heavens.

On my iPod I listen most to?

Unfinished tracks that I've made, working out what to do with them next.

If I could have written any song it would have been?

“Family Affair” - Sly and the Family Stone. Apparently it was recorded in a Winnebago. It makes me want to spend a month in a caravan in wales with a guitar and an MPC.

The worst song I’ve heard is?

“Rock DJ” - Robbie Williams.

Bibio’s second album for Warp records, Mind Bokeh, is out now.