1000 people played Foo Fighters simultaneously to try and get them to play their city

No response yet from the Foos

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Instead of leaving a completely ineffectual "Play Cesena!" comment on the Foo Fighters' Facebook page, a thousand citizens of the Italian city got together and gave a simultaneous rendition of their track Learn To Fly in a park in the hope of attracting the band's attention.

Hundreds of drummers, bassists, guitarists and singers amassed, led by a single conductor.

Whoever edited the track did an incredible job because it sounds very coherent and in time, making me a little suspicious as to how many of the guitarists were actually plugged in, but it's silly to piss on their parade, they all look like they're having an absolute blast.

I also recommended re-watching the video on 0.5 speed, which it turns it into a sludge odyssey.

The Foos haven't responded yet, but I imagine it's only a matter of time...

Update: Dave Grohl responded! Saying 'see you soon' in Italian, it looks like the band are arranging a show in Cesena.