Actors do dramatic reading of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', because that's the world we live in now

Featuring Jon Hamm, John Krasinski, Elisabeth Moss, Greta Gerwig, and Ellen Page. 

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A bunch of actors were forced to do a dramatic reading for Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', proving they are merely puppets stringed up at our perpetual disposal. And, if we want them to pretend to cry while reading lines as emotionally void as, "Cause I'm missing more than just your body", then they will absolutely do just that. 

Vanity Fair corralled celebrities at their Sundance studio to recite the lyrics of Justin Bieber's #1 hit in whatever fashion these thespians had at their disposal; ranging from very tearful (John Krasinski), surprisingly intense (Ellen Page), very British (Kate Beckinsale), and screaming lunatic (Judd Apatow). Is it weird to think the screaming lunatic-style was the most believably delivered of the lot?

The video features (deep breath) Jon Hamm, John Legend, Aldis Hodge, John Krasinski, Don Cheadle, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Chelsea Handler, Gabrielle Union, Zosia Mamet, Jesse Plemons, Kathryn Hahn, Harley Quinn Smith, Rebecca Hall, Thomas Middleditch, Armie Hammer, Lily-Rose Depp, Elisabeth Moss, Natasha Lyonne, Greta Gerwig, Maya Rudolph, Nick Jonas, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, Kate Beckinsale, Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Chloë Sevigny, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Judd Apatow.


It was inspired by W Magazine's own dramatic reading of Drake's 'Hotline Bling', as performed by the likes of Bryan Cranston, Paul Dano, and Rooney Mara. Though, hopefully, this isn't a sign of a future universe in which every actor must spend their days being forced to furrow their brows while proclaiming about booty calls and heavy breathing.