Adele reveals she is married to long-term partner Simon Konecki

Grammy-award winning singer confirms marital status onstage to fans in Australia

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Adele has confirmed she is married, revealing her status at a concert in Brisbane, Australia. 

Despite years of speculation that she tied the knot with her long-term partner Simon Konecki, a former financier who founded charity drop4drop, the Grammy award-winning singer has remained coy in an attempt to maintain privacy for her personal life. 

But she confirmed they are in fact married at the concert in Brisbane as she introduced 'Someone Like You', her breakthrough hit from 2011 which was written about a breakup with her previous boyfriend. 

A video posted by a fan online shows Adele saying: "That feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on Earth.

"And I'm addicted to that feeling. Obviously, I can't go through with those feelings because I'm married now," she added to cheers. "I've found my next person."

Adele and Konecki have a four-year-old son, Angelo. Fans watching last month's Grammy Awards observed her thanking "my husband and my son - you're the only reason I do it", as she accepted one award. 

Adele became the first artist in Grammy history to win all three of the most prestigious awards - Best Album, Best Record and Best Song - in two different years.

At the time, representatives for the 28-year-old singer declined to say whether this was Adele confirming her marriage to Konecki. 

Both she and Konecki have been pictured wearing wedding bands at events in recent weeks.