Benedetti hits out at music cuts


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Violinist Nicola Benedetti has attacked the lack of music provision in schools. The 25-year-old who secured a £2m contract after winning BBC Young Musician of the Year told the Radio Times that the cuts were "catastrophic".

Ms Benedetti told the Radio Times: "I'm fiercely furious about the provision of music in schools.

"So many people up and down the country are trying to create a better foundation for musical education.

"But decisions have been made, especially in the light of funding cuts, that are, I think, catastrophic to our future as a nation."

Benedetti, who first had violin lessons at the age of five and left home at 10 to attend the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey, said: "Now, more than ever, we need a cultural identity for youth in this country."

The Scottish violinist added: "If children don't have very strong parenting and don't have an activity to replace the aimlessness that can go on after school hours, they end up accepting what's shoved in their face.

"Which is celebrity culture and this obsessive chasing to become famous. But famous for what?

"None of it is promoting anything of true substance or quality. It's not promoting the message that we're better people if we work hard at something."