Beyoncé fans spark Twitter frenzy after speculating she has given birth to her twins

'Good morning to no one but beyoncé and the new born twins,' says fan

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Beyoncé's fans are convinced their Queen Bey is currently in Labour and on the brink of giving birth to her two twins.

The Beyhive, the shared moniker given to the pop superstar’s fans, sent Twitter into a meltdown on Tuesday after they began speculating Beyoncé was either about to welcome her twins into the world or had already done so.

This was further heightened by US Weekly’s report there is a significant amount of security in an LA-based hospital. 

Engaging in a spot of detective work, fans jumped on an image which hairstylist, Chuck Amos, shared of himself and Beyoncé, captioned: “Hang in there, mama!”

Caslon Hatch, who says she is a reporter for an NBC-affiliated station in Alaska, tweeted: “You heard it here first. A friend of a friend who is an OB at Beyoncé's hospital tells me she had her twins, a boy and girl.”

Others relished in speculating about what stage of labour the 35-year-old was at and appeared beyond excited at the prospect of her twins.

“Beyoncé is in labour this is not a drill I am freaking out,” said one.

“I just need a heads up from Beyoncé and the twins on when they plan to break the internet so I can cancel all my plans in advance,” said another.

“Where is Beyoncé? She's been too quiet. Are the twins born? Are they okay? Did she find Becky with the good hair? We need answers NOW,” added another.

“Good morning to no one but beyoncé and the new born twins,” chipped in another.

Others joked Beyonce had better delay her twins so they were not born on the same day as Donald Trump. For the record, the President turned 71 on Wednesday.

Beyoncé announced she was expecting twins in an Instagram post on the first day of February. It took no time at all to break the Guinness World Record and officially become the most-liked post in the site's history.

The striking image showed a heavily pregnant Beyoncé kneeling in front of a massive multi-coloured bed of flowers covered by a long green veil and wearing light blue satin knickers and a maroon bra.

The singer did not say how far into her pregnancy she was at the time but Vanity Fair’s Kelly Butler, who recently gave birth to twins herself, estimated her to be 16 weeks pregnant. Nevertheless, it is, of course, impossible to ever truly accurately how heavily pregnant she was, with Dr Sherry Ross, an obstetrics gynaecology doctor, instead claiming she looked like she was “at least 20 weeks along” at the time.

Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with her first daughter Blue Ivy at the MTV music awards in 2011. Her appearance helped that year's awards become the most-watched broadcast in MTV history, attracting 12.4 million viewers. What's more, the announcement was listed in the Guinness World Records for ”most tweets per second recorded for a single event“ on Twitter. It received a staggering 8,868 tweets per second.

A representative for Beyonce did not immediately respond to request for comment.