Blue Monday: The only thing you need to hear

Instead of feeling grumpy today, do things that make you feel cheerful

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Feeling more blue than last Monday, or the one before that?

Probably not, but today is the day when you're 'officially' supposed to be more depressed than any other day in the year. Even though it’s not true. Not even a little bit.

So instead of feeling obliged to be grumpy, do things that make you feel cheerful.

Like listening to "Blue Monday" by New Order.

It’s one of the longest tracks to have charted on the UK Singles Chart. It also happens to be an excellent song: The kick drum intro, Gillian Gilbert’s fade-in (which the band say she did at the wrong time so the melody is out of sync with the beat), Bernard Sumner’s brilliant deadpan lyrics, and that extended outro that goes on and on and on…

These lyrics:

"I see a ship in the harbor

I can and shall obey

But if it wasn't for your misfortunes

I'd be a heavenly person today"

Go and have a dance.