Bonnie Tyler confident Eurovision performance won't 'eclipse' her reputation


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Bonnie Tyler is not worried that her appearance on this year’s Eurovision could “eclipse” her career.

The star said she understood the reputation surrounding the contest, but believes her fan base and powerful voice are strong enough to withstand criticism.

The “Total Eclipse of the Heart” singer told BANG Showbiz: “People love Eurovision…If I don’t win it’s not going to damage my reputation- people know me much too well already from my live shows. They have seen me give so many powerful live performances. I am a live singer. And I believe in the song.”

Tyler said she hopes she will fare better than Engelbert Humperdinck, the UK’s Eurovision contestant last year, whose song choice she disapproved of.

“I think he’s got a strong voice, but the song wasn’t strong enough for him. It wasn’t the right song. His hits in the past have been powerful, and I don’t think it had anything for him to get into.”

The 61-year-old added she has confidence in her entry song “Believe in Me.” “Mine is a good song, and I've got six people on stage with me. I won't be having any dancers, it will be straightforward performance, musicians and backing singers,” she said. 

The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place on May 18 in Malmo, Sweden.