Britain’s Got Talent final 2014: Five acts that actually had talent

Which acts really stood out in this year's contest?

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It’s a show that divides many and leaves some questioning the so-called “talent” of Britain.

In 2012 Ashleigh and Pudsey were crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent, an act featuring one woman… and her dog, with the latter stealing the show.

And this year there has been plenty of complaints about the quality of contestants on the show, leading some to contemplate again whether the nation has eked out all its talent through reality television shows.

Then again, it has introduced the world to Susan Boyle, Diversity and George Sampson, who have gone on to have varying degrees of success. Last year’s winning act Attraction, an shadow theatre group, did indeed stun the audience with their impressive talent.        

This year the operatic boy band, Collabro, faced off 10 other acts to win the competition - we're not sure whether they deserved the top prize - but did any of this year’s 11 finalists actually have any discernible talent? We take a look at the top five acts who did genuinely impress.


1. Lucy Kay

The real winner of this year’s competition, we think. She may have come in second place but the classical singer has carried off incredible performances week after week. Britain’s Got Talent’s producers have perfected the art of pulling on our heartstrings but, in this instance, it was unnecessary.

2. Bars and Melody 

The cheeky pair were the bookies’ favourite and the pint-sized rappers certainly got the crowds clapping along to their songs. The confidence and charisma exuded by the duo at such a young age can only be lauded. The pair even caught the eye of American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who interviewed them on her show, after watching their audition on YouTube. Their audition video has racked up over 30 million views since it was uploaded a month ago. Stateside success beckons.

3. Lettice Rowbotham

Yes, her name is pronounced like a salad leaf but the electric violinist's exuberant performances belied the time and dedication to reach such a level. Her heartfelt performance of the Evanescence hit Bring Me To Life was triumphant, and the operatic voice she unleashed in the final was impressive.

4. Paddy and Nico

Britain’s Got Talent is not just for bright young things and these two Latin dancers proved just that. They wowed the crowd as they danced their way through the rounds of the show. Their routines left viewers and judges alike gasping as Paddy was thrown through the air. They were wonderfully sweet as well – what’s not to love?

5. Darcy Oake

Magicians are not passé. He nearly “died” during the final during a stunt but this magician did put on quite a performance as he dazzled the audience. Darcy shows that Dynamo is not the last word on magic.