Children's TV star Rastamouse signs second album deal


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Rastamouse, the cheese-loving, children’s TV star, has defied the sceptics by announcing he’s signed a deal for a second album with EMI, to be released in 2013.

In a press release from DDA Public Relations Rastamouse - who is voiced by TV presenter Reggie Yates - expresses his excitement at the the news: “Mi bare excited dat mi friends at EMI want to hear plenty more choons an’ it gonna be a lot ah fun getting’ into da groove.”

The first album from Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew, Makin A Bad Ting Good was released last year. Music website called it “wholesome, soft and colourful reggae music.”

Rastamouse says fans can expect even more from his second. “Dere’s already some bangin’ riddims echoin’ round Nuff Song Studio.”