Classic albums given thumbs down in 'overrated' list

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Now some of the sacred cows of the rock world have been named and shamed in a list of the most "overrated" albums of all time. Those chosen include what many consider to be the finest works by the likes of the Beatles and Beach Boys. More contemporary bands such as Radiohead and the Libertines are also in the firing line. Coldplay, already stung by criticism of their new album X&Y in the US, have further misery heaped upon them by finding their third LP included as the list's most recent release.

The shortlist has been compiled by the BBC digital radio station 6 Music in an attempt to find the key release that most fails to live up to all the hyperbole.

Hundreds of albums were nominated after more than a week of on-air discussions and they were whittled down to a list of 10, which will be announced tomorrow when voting begins on the station's website (

The Beatles' contribution is the 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, hailed for its diverse musical styles, grand orchestrations and ground-breaking cover. Although it is regularly ranked one of the greatest albums of all time, many fans consider its predecessor Revolver to be a better measure of the band's abilities.

Radiohead's OK Computer, another often cited as the best album of all time, also makes the list.

Ric Blaxill, head of programmes for BBC 6 Music, said: "Some albums which get rave reviews, and subsequently become accepted as classic albums, can just leave you feeling a little cold - you just don't get the hype."

The final positions will be counted down by 6 Music presenter Andrew Collins, during an edition of his weekly chart show next month. His own choice for the most overrated is Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica, which he called a "28-song punishment".