Coachella 2016: Kanye West's surprise appearance during A$AP Rocky was a total disaster

The rapper jumped on stage - to utter silence, after his microphone had been turned off by festival organisers 

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Kanye West likely thought he was about to make headlines with his surprise appearance at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - though it turned out to be entirely for the wrong reasons.

Yeezy popped up right at the end of A$AP Rocky's blistering set, jumping on stage to land some heavy lines; except the only thing fans heard was complete, and total, silence. Turns out, A$AP's 20-minute delay in starting his performance that evening meant he had run over his allotted time; and, as is procedure, both of the rappers' microphones had been turned off.

The two either didn't realise the mics had been cut off, or didn't care; they kept going with their set for nearly two minutes before giving up with a shrug, and leaving the stage to a rising chorus of "boos" and vented frustration. 

It was perhaps at that point Kanye decided to turn his silence into art; later turning up at Diplo and Skrillex's collaborative venture Jack U, without a microphone, merely to smile and wave at the crowd as his track "Power" played. 

Coachella runs until 17 April, with the festival now offering non-attendees the chance to experience all the action through the magic of VR