Deadmau5 admits he doesn't like new album W:/2016ALBUM/

EDM producer says he released album to pay 'mad' bills

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EDM producer deadmau5 - real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman - has consistently been disarmingly honest with the media and fans about both his music and personal life. 

For instance, last year, having quit Twitter and announcing he was considering ‘killing off’ his deadmau5 persona, Zimmerman returned to social media and explained how he was suffering from depression. 

In a series of new Tweets, the musician admitted his upcoming album - titled W:/2016ALBUM/ - was “slapped together” and not to his liking, describing it as a “love/hate thing”. 

The reason for the release, despite not being happy with the final product? “COZ I GOT F***IN MAD BILLS,” he wrote to one fan. 

He added: “At least you don’t have to sit here and endure me constantly peddling shit. Buy this, out now, buy that, wah click here.” Zimmerman did, however, say the tracks “Snowcone” and “Whelk Then” were to his liking. 

If you still fancy listening to W:/2016Album, it's set for release 2 December.