Ed Sheeran debuts new song 'Sweet Mary Jane' about his love affair with weed

Featuring the lyrics 'I’m so Damn high / Can you see my eyes?'

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Is Ed Sheeran cool now? In another attempt to leave behind his 'boring' image, the singer has written a track dedicated to one of the loves in his life – no, not Taylor Swift – Marijuana.

Armed with only a guitar and loop pedal, Sheeran tentatively sang about his love for the Class B drug over a hip hop-esque acoustic beat in New York, with lyrics featuring such lines as: “I woke up early looking out my bedroom window at the Amsterdam sky / Oh Baby I was high last night / Café clouds and red lights” and “I draw you down into my chest / that’s where it feels the best”.

Later on in the song he refers to cannabis as being “the one”, and asks the audience “I’m so Damn high / Can you see my eyes?”. Watch below.

The 24-year-old debuted the song, reportedly titled “Sweet Mary Jane”, on stage at the Forest Hills Stadium as part of his North American X tour.


Many Tweeters have taken kindly to the song, one writing “How does Ed Sheeran make a song about smoking weed sound so lovely”, while another wrote “Can we just appreciate the fact that last night Ed Sheeran sang a love song he wrote about weed?”

Others were less impressed, with one YouTuber commenting “Ed needs to lay off the alcohol and weed. Seems like he's getting a little too caught up in the things that could lead to his downfall.”

Sheeran obviously isn't the first pop-star to sing about his love for cannabis. Miley Cyrus once sang about it in a song with Snoop Dog called "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks", while The 1975's song "Chocolate" is known to refer to the drug.